5 things CH Play does better than the App Store you should know

5 things CH Play does better than the App Store you should know

Meta: Android or iOS? That is one of the questions that still have not yet answered the most convincing and controversial one today. Read the article below to learn about 5 things CH Play does better than the App Store.

IOS users believe that Apple has created a mobile operating system that works extremely smoothly, flexibly and carefully selected apps. Meanwhile, with Android, users will have more hardware options from manufacturers.

The app market is also a very important factor for these two mobile operating systems. Both Google Play (CH Play is the name in Vietnam) and App Store have their advantages and below is what the Google app market is supposed to do better than their competitors.

App Store and CH Play are always compared with each other / Ph.vtv.vn

Google Play Store is more developer-friendly

From the very beginning, Apple has been extremely strict (with developers) in the selection of the apps allowed to be available on the App Store. The reason, according to Apple, is to ensure quality.

For example, the iOS version of Snapchat is more stable than it is on Android. This causes some developers to often write apps for iOS either exclusively or first. Typically the Super Mario Run app was released for iOS in December of last year and is not available on Android yet.

This can guarantee the user to have the best quality apps, but it still has drawbacks. For app developers, the risk of being rejected when releasing an app on Google Play is much lower than the App Store. And so the app development community for Google Play is also more vibrant and crowded than the App Store.

It’s easier to find the apps you need on Google Play

When searching for apps, the chances of finding them on the Google Play Store are higher than those on the Apple App Store. Why is that?

Google Play Store runs your search queries through all the textual information available on the app’s page. For example, when you use a keyword ‘game pokemon’ for example, Google Play will scan the app descriptions to find all of the content that closely matches your query.

Meanwhile, the Apple App Store compares your query to the keywords the developers input themselves. So, if your keyword doesn’t match the developer’s description keyword, the chances of you finding the content you need aren’t high.

Google is a giant in the field of search today, so it is not difficult to understand when Google Play Store (CH Play) has stronger searchability than the Apple App Store.

Google Play carries more ‘social elements’

When you open an app page on the Google Play Store, you will see a lot of interesting information. You will easily recognize that your friends have used certain apps (at the recommendation and rating position).

If you scroll down a bit, you’ll see comments from friends and other users about the app. You can read these comments for a more accurate review of the app you’re looking for.

Some games and applications may also allow you to make friends with other users. In other words, Google Play is more of a community.

Meanwhile, searching on the Apple App Store is a more lonely experience. There are still user reviews of the app but it doesn’t show up in the centre of the app page like on Google Play.

The reason for this may come from the higher quality of iOS apps (according to Apple reviews) or that Apple wants users to choose the app based on its performance ratings instead of ‘obeying opinion. Other people’.

However, reviews from friends and user communities are sometimes quite helpful in deciding whether to download and experience an application or not.

The app on Google Play is compatible with a wider range of devices

Android is available for both tablets and smartphones. Likewise, iOS is installed for the iPhone and iPad. In theory, you can expect both smartphones and tablets on each platform to be able to run similar applications. This can happen with most Android apps, but it’s a bit more complicated with iOS devices.

While a lot of iOS apps are primarily available for both the iPhone and iPad, there are plenty of apps that aren’t designed to run with the iPad’s large screen.

Android apps are less expensive

Apps on the App Store usually cost slightly more than they do on Google Play. For example, when you run a ‘to-do list’ query on Google Play you will get results that include well-known apps like Todoist, Wunderlist, Any.do and thousands of other apps with the same functionality.


CH Play has a huge and completely free application store / Ph.apkpure.com

Most of these are always free and available for download. Meanwhile, the free options on the App Store are much more limited.

There is a tendency to compete between apps on Google Play (because of the overwhelming number and there are always new apps being released) so developers often sell their apps for less, or even for free.

Of course, the App Store still has its strengths compared to Google Play. The article only gives a few aspects so that users have more basis to choose for themselves a mobile operating system that suits your needs.


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