Connected Home: Drive Everything With Your Fingertips

Technology: Managing your home remotely is now a reality. From the door of the garage to the heating of rooms through the management of the refrigerator, all or almost everything can now be managed on the move from your smartphone, thanks to a host of dedicated applications.

Home automation has lived, room for connected housing! The semantic shift may be subtle, but it is also significant: while home automation has long fed the chronicle of possible by touting potential uses, the connected home, it is a reality. In the aftermath of the CES in Las Vegas, the annual high mass of technological innovation, it is a veritable breakthrough of solutions all more innovative than the others that are offered to us. What will your apartment or house look like tomorrow? Overview.

My garage warns me if it stays open

Thanks to the latest technology of connected motorization, you can open or close your garage remotely, from the case of your car or even from your smartphone. And if you forget to close it when you leave, your garage door alerts you remotely, thanks to Hörmann’s BiSecur technology, and you can secure your home with your fingertips!

An intercom connected to open remotely

A delivery man goes to your home during your absence? The integrated camera retransmits the image on your smartphone in real time and even in HD! You can check that it is the intended visitor and unlock the entrance door remotely. Practice too if one of your children finishes classes earlier than planned!

A connected plug that detects anomalies

Connected transition requires we are more and more numerous to monitor our energy consumption. Now your outlets do it for you: excessive consumption because the fridge door is not closed properly? You are warned. A surge? The current is automatically cut on the part of the house concerned. At the end of the day, there are real savings and increased security.

A light bulb that respects the baby’s sleep

Your little one is having trouble falling asleep in the dark? No problem, a night light is there to reassure him and bring him some light. But an hour later, when everyone sleeps soundly, no need to leave it lit: a smart and programmable light will automatically turn off to limit energy waste.

Put everything out with your fingertips

“Honey, did you think about turning off the entrance? Once under the blanket, no question of getting up. From your smartphone, an application can turn off all connected equipment in the house at once, except for example the box or any device that has been chosen.

Heating as close as possible

A room at the right temperature is good, but does it really heat during the day, while no one occupies it? Smart thermostats adjust the temperature of each room to your lifestyle, save energy, and warm up the room one hour before bedtime. Best of all, they also check the quality of the air!

A sensor for the heads in the air

Do you leave your house? A sensor near the front door drives the heater and turns off consumer devices that you might have forgotten to turn off. No worries once you get to the office: Did I turn off the light in the attic?

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