Does CH Play reward users with points?

Does CH Play reward users with points?

Meta: CH Play (Google Play Store) offers plenty of benefits to its customers. Once becoming their loyal customers, you will be rewarded with points through the Google Play Points.

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It’s more likely that users will stay with the service providers that offer them a lot of benefits. Many apps are satisfying their loyal customers by rewarding them with points. So does CH Play do the same thing? Whenever you do something on CH Play (the Play Store), you will get rewards through Google Play Points. Every single app that you buy, you will get points and can spend them afterwards.

Where do you get rewards for CH Play?

CH Play rewards users with points

CH Play rewards loyal customers through Google Play Points. Google Play Points is a program of Google that is free and rewards you for everything you do on Google Play. For example, when you purchase an app, media, any in-app purchase, even install a free app, you will earn points. There are also redemption options that include in-app content and Google Play credit.

There is no doubt that we all enjoy plenty of different rewards or loyalty programs of the app we use. And if you are using an Android device, of course you will install many apps on it. So why don’t you install Google Play Points as well to get the most out of Google Play?

How does Google Play Points work?

Any user can sign up for Google Play Points without paying a subscription fee. When you already have an account, you will start earning Play Points for everything you do across Google Play (CH Play) such as buying an app, renting a movie, making an in-app purchase and many more. With any amount of money you spend, you will earn a point. Besides, Google Play Points will rotate the bonus categories so that you will get more points for a specific category at a time. For instance, this month they will award you 3x points for movie purchases. And next month they will award you 4x points for buying an app or a game.

Normally you will spend your money on Google Play, and then you get your points. However, sometimes Google rewards you when you don’t spend a dollar. For example, when you try out a new app or new free game, you will get points. All you need to do is to install the app, try it out and get some free points.

In addition, participation is divided into four tiers, from bronze to platinum. The more points you get, the higher tier you are at.  There has been no downside when users sign up for Google Play Points. Instead, you get free installation and free points.

What can you do with these points?

You can convert points to things on the Play Store

There is no doubt that getting these points for everything you do on Google Play is so easy. However, why do you need them and what can you spend these points for? Firstly, you can convert these points directly into a free book, a free movie, a free app or anything you have to pay in the Play Store.  Secondly, they can be converted into Google Play credit and then you can spend it as a credit card.

Google makes these points more special as there are in-app purchases of some apps and games that can only be purchased with Play Points. That is one of the many reasons why you should try the program.

In addition, if you think that it takes so long to have enough dollars to convert to something in the Play Store, you can choose to spend one or two dollars on charity to support different cases. For example, you can donate your points (which will be converted to dollars) to some organizations like Doctors Without Borders USA, Save the Children and the World Food Program USA because they have participated in this program. Again, this is another good point from CH Play, or the Google Play Store as they always try to enhance customer’s experience.

In general, there is no con of this rewards program from Google Play (or CH Play). Instead, signing up for Play Points will bring you a lot of benefits. Once you get your apps and games from the Play Store, you will see Google Play Points under Play Pass and can sign up for it. It is free to participate in the program, what are you waiting for?


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