Fiber Company: The Network Is Only The Starting Point!

That’s it, your business is connected to very high speed. Data flows faster than ever. But what about the security of these flows, their supervision, the management of classes of service (CoS), availability? Technology is not enough on its own.

Services and support dedicated to companies are essential to make the most of your access. The optical fiber is promising. But it is by the services that these will be concretized! As more and more businesses rely on the network to access their cloud-based applications or their virtual servers hosted in a data center, the reliability of access is no longer simply a technical problem, but a business challenge. first order. For this reason, it is essential to choose the right fiber. All uses, all sites, all applications do not have the same criticality. If the broadband of a FttH (Fiber to the Home) connection can meet a large number of needs, there are applications that do not tolerate flow fluctuations, systems that need to be available at all times or be restored to faster in case of problems, and IT teams that need specific support.

Which criteria to take into account when choosing the right offer? Here is where the network stops and where the service starts.

The performance

Offering a very high speed is the characteristic of a fiber offer. Offering more guarantees and commitments is the essence of a business fiber offering. After an audit of your environment, an operator such as Bouygues Telecom Entreprises is able to translate your application needs into bandwidth requirements and to ensure that this bandwidth is the one that your employees will have at all times. And if these needs change, you will always be able to increase the capacity very quickly and very quickly over time.

The availability

Even the largest flow in the world will not be useful in case of failure. Your operator must be able to register guaranteed service levels (SLAs) and recovery times (GTRs) in the contract but also offer you resilient network architectures. For example, Bouygues Telecom Entreprises can set up a backup 4G router or a second optical fiber in parallel, capable of taking over to ensure the continuity of the connection in the event of a temporary failure of the main link.


Priority for many CIOs, security is a key element to take into account when choosing your fiber offer. Two levels of protection are to be examined: the first is the solutions implemented in the core network to deliver secure network access; the second is the tools proposed to secure the internal network of the company. VPN, Firewall, antimalware, antispam, anti-DDOS the operator must be able to offer tailor-made coverage according to the needs of the organization, the systems already in place and the skills available internally.

The supervision

Access to very high speed is an asset for the company. But still, it is necessary to be able to keep control of its network and ensure that these megabits of bandwidth are actually consumed by the applications that really need it. For this, an expertise such as that of Bouygues Telecom Entreprises is invaluable to help companies organize the different classes of services according to the criticality of each use or application and ensure that the policies put in place are durably respected or to evolve them so that they always meet the needs.

The support

As the zero risk does not exist, it is essential to have an attentive ear in case of the glitch. An ear, or more precisely a button! Innovation driven by Bouygues Telecom Enterprises, the connected service consists of installing at the customer a button connected to a diagnostic box. If a problem occurs, a pressure immediately triggers the sending of an alert along with a report on the status of the network connection. The support team can very quickly identify the source of the failure and propose a suitable solution.


Fiber is a means and not an end. She carries services and brings them to the company. Ultra-fast broadband frees the new, more collaborative ways of working. Unified communication, heavy document sharing, video conferencing, so many scenarios that challenge classic DSL networks. The operator does not just pull a cable. It supports the company in the deployment and adoption of these uses to enable it to maximize productivity from its new connectivity.

At the time when the transformation digital is on everyone’s lips, the transition to optical fiber is not just a technical update for companies It is a challenge of productivity and competitiveness. Thus equipped, she will be able to simplify her digital growth. Choosing a fiber operator means choosing a partner who can not only offer technical performance but also local business support.

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