Google I / O 18: The Most Anticipated Ads

Technology: Tomorrow opens the annual Google I / O conference, at which Google will present its latest innovations. Chromecast, Android P, Google Assistant, the search engine giant is particularly expected on several fronts.

Google is preparing tomorrow to inaugurate its annual Google I / O conference, which will run until Friday. The company will take the opportunity to present its news, here is the summary of the most awaited announcements.

Android P, the must.

It’s almost a ritual, but every Google I / O conference is an opportunity for Google to present the changes made in the new version of Android, here Android P. For now, we know quite a few things about the new version of the Google mobile OS, but we can legitimately hope to see Google introduce a new interface for Android, material design has already begun to take a little lead in the wing. Many also expect this new version of Android to align with the competition by offering a system of gestures to navigate the phone, like what offer the iPhone X.

Chromecast should be back

We can also expect news from Chromecast. This USB key marketed by Google used to transmit images viewed on a tablet or computer directly on a connected TV screen. Released four years ago, Chromecast has been a resounding success for Google. But since then, the competition has made up for lost ground and if Google still dominates the market, its offer Chromecast begins to pale against the competition. But as noted by several US media, Google has recently filed a patent for a new dongle 4k Android TV. So we should probably know a little more about this at the conference.

Google News: a fresh bill for news

It may be a fad for a frustrated journalist, but many confreres rely on a refresher Google News, the tab of the search engine to identify news articles. And we must recognize this: apart from the changes in the sub-hand selection algorithm and a few brushstrokes at the interface, Google News has not moved much in recent years. On the other hand, there is competition in this niche, especially with Apple offering its Apple News service.

Google Home and Google Assistant

No material announcement to plan, the conference Google I / O is primarily a conference dedicated to developers and Google should not propose a new device on this occasion. But it is likely that the group wants to expand the possibilities offered to developers who want to develop new applications for connected speakers. Again in a very competitive context, it is better not to stay too still and partitioned: Apple tried and it did not really succeed.

Wearable in ambush?

Four years after the release of the Apple Watch, we finally start out of bliss with regard to connected clothes. If Apple dominates the watch market, we can not say that connected clothing has become essential in our daily lives. However, it seems that Google has not said his last word in this area and this conference is an opportunity to present new features for its WearOS, its operating system dedicated to connected objects. We can easily imagine that these will be connected to the connected speakers.

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