How to download CH Play to your computer

How to download CH Play to your computer

Meta: CH Play is a huge application store providing all the needs of Android phone users. But did you know that Play Store can also be used on a computer?

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You can completely install Play Store on your computer to experience the great applications on it. So how to install it? Is it difficult?

CH Play is a famous Android phone software application store with dozens of different contents. CH Play is available on Android devices around the world. But if you want to use Play Store on your computer, you need different emulator tools to be able to download Play Store.

Why must download CH Play for the computer?

Currently, with the explosion of devices using the Android operating system, a series of good games, Hot applications are only released on Android phones (Asphalt racing game series), or early release first on Android Smartphone and then later on PC, Laptop (Angry Birds). However, you do not want to wait long, you want to play now, always use the hot games and applications for Android right on your computer? Or you simply want to try the feeling of playing games on a larger, larger screen with a PC or Laptop?

How to download and install Play Store on your computer

 Requirements for computer configuration: Minimum configuration: CPU Core2, 3GB RAM (32-bit), 6GB (64-bit), VGA 512MB, Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 Computers you have fully installed: .Net Framework and Vcredist. (Most of your computers do not have these 2 software installed)


  1. Download CH Play by BlueStacks

Step 1: Go to website, download the installation file of BlueStacks to your computer.

BlueStacks currently has the latest version that is BlueStacks 4. In addition, if you want to download older versions, please click on the following links: BlueStacks 1 (supports Windows XP, Vista) , BlueStacks 2, BlueStacks 3.

Step 2: Open the downloaded installation file, select Install Now to install BlueStacks.

In the installation step above you should choose the Bluestacks installation folder on your computer by clicking on Customize installation to change the BlueStack installation path. Instead of the default drive C: \ ProgramData \ BlueStacks, you change to another drive such as D: \ Bluestacks. In general, you should save it in a different drive than the operating system drive so that enough 2GB (2048MB) of space is okay, the reason should do this in case Windows of the PC, Laptop fails, when you install if you reset Win, you don’t have to reinstall this software.

You wait a few minutes for BlueStacks 3 to automatically install on your computer. Depending on your computer configuration, the installation speed may be fast or slow.

Step 3: After BlueStacks completes installation, click Complete.

Step 4: Next, BlueStacks software will install Play Store so you can log in.

Step 5: After CH Play is installed, you will see a similar interface below. Select the language Vietnamese, then let’s get started.

Step 6: Sign in your Google account to log into Play Store.

Step 7: After logging in, you will receive a message saying You have successfully logged in> Select Start using BlueStacks to start using.

Step 8: To access Play Store, click on the Play Store icon in the interface.

Step 9: So you have finished installing CH Play on your computer. Now you can download any application you love and use it directly on your computer.


  1. Download CH Play using some other emulators

Some other Android emulators on the computer that we can use to replace theese BlueStack are:

– Droid4X


– Nox Player


– Andy


Instructions on how to use games, android apps on CH Play through Bluestacks 3 on laptop and PC

 To use BlueStacks 3 on your computer is also quite simple, from the main interface of the software you click on the Search box in the upper right corner and enter keywords to search for the application or game you need to install, then proceeding with the same setup as you would using CH Play on your phone is very easy.

Finished installation, you launch the application/ game right on Bluestack. The applications will run in tab format, the conversion is extremely easy, you can also click to the house-shaped tab to return to the main screen to type Vietnamese on BlueStacks, you can install the Laban application. Key, one of the best Appvn that supports Vietnamese typing on Android. Please login to CH Play, download Laban Key to conduct Vietnamese typing on BlueStacks.

Now you can set up CH Play on your computer easily. Hope that some tips above will help you.


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