How to free up memory on Android most effectively

How to free up memory on Android most effectively

Meta: Memory has always been the most concerned issue for storing information. However, there will come a time when the memory is full and we have to find a way to free it up.

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Full memory is one of the reasons why your Android phone crashes suddenly. There are also many experiences that suffer when the memory is full. So freeing up memory is something you must do when the memory is full for every experience to be better. If you do not know how, do not worry too much because the article below will also help you know how to do it.

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Find and delete unneeded large files

Unneeded things, you can delete it to memory for more important things, avoid memory full.

If you store too many large files on your device, wasting memory is a certainty. Therefore, you need to find and immediately delete unnecessary files to free up storage space. Alternatively, you can use a free memory management application called Analyzer & Disk Usage that can search for 10 to 50, 100 files that are having the largest capacity in your smartphone.

Transfer data to a memory card

One of the advantages of Android smartphones is to help users increase phone memory with memory cards. This is something that you should take advantage of and move apps to the microSD card to help relieve some of the pressure on your phone’s memory.

To do this, there are also quite simple operations: you just need to go to Settings then go to Apps section to Manage Apps and select the application you want to push to the memory card. However, nowadays there are many heavy games that do not allow users to transfer too much data to the memory card, this is one of the things you should keep in mind when switching between memory cells.

If the device indicates memory is full, quickly check and remove unnecessary items

Eliminate duplicate files and images

In the process of using a smartphone, it is inevitable that there are many files and images that are repeated, overlapping, causing waste of memory. To solve this problem, download the Gallery Doctor Photo Cleaner application to remove duplicate files. Gallery Doctor is memory consuming. To solve this problem, download the Gallery Doctor application to delete these files.

Remove applications that are not used or used rarely

There are a lot of apps that you enjoy only for a while and have downloaded it but not sure that you can use them all. That’s a very memory-wasting act. So, go ahead and delete those redundant apps by going to the settings and then choosing the application manager, next choosing to find and remove unnecessary apps.

Or the second way you can use Simple Uninstaller to optimize your search. This application has the advantage of displaying only applications that the user can remove and that are not related to any file system.

Delete Google Maps Offline data or move to the memory card

This is a pretty good feature that is loved by Google Maps. However, the maps that users download take up relatively much storage space. Therefore, if not needed, remove them or move the storage to the SD card. To delete data you need to open Google Maps, press Options, then choose Offline area and finally select the data you want to delete.

If you want to switch to a memory card then go to the option to press the offline area, press settings, storage location, memory card and save is ok.

At the application’s interface, select Scan, the application will report the status of storing images in your device in two forms: Bad Photos and Similar Photos. Your job is just select the file and delete it, extremely gentle.

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In addition, manufacturers often install some applications available on the device, this also greatly reduces the storage capacity of the device. In particular, these applications are sometimes redundant, users do not need. But, deleting these apps is quite dangerous, it can cause machine failure. Therefore, deleting the system app needs to first root the device, you can learn more on google. On it is information for you about how to free up full memory for the device to operate more smoothly. Hope that will be the essential information you are looking for.



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