How To Identify The Version Of Your Web Browser?

Identify the version of my web browser

The easiest and fastest way to get the version of your web browser is to visit one of the following sites that will immediately give you the information you need: (this site will also provide you with your operating system, your screen resolution, your IP address and various technical information on the elements supported by your internet browser).

This trick is particularly useful with a tablet (Android tablet or iPad) or a smartphone (iPhone or Android smartphone).

It is also possible to know the version of your web browser by searching the information in the menus of it (for those who likes complications!).

How do I know my version of Google Chrome?

Google Chrome

Click the three-line horizontal icon (to the right of the address bar), then click Help and About, and then click About Google Chrome.

How to know my version of Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox

Do you have to click on? in the top menu of Mozilla Firefox than on About Mozilla Firefox.

Some versions of Mozilla Firefox do not display this top menu by default, you have to click on the icon representing three horizontal lines (to the right of the address bar) then the icon representing a question mark ( ?) and then About Mozilla Firefox.

How to know my version of Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer

Just click on? in the top menu of Internet Explorer and then on About Internet Explorer.

How to know my version of Safari?

If you’re on a Mac, just click Safari (left in the top menu) and then click About Safari.

If you are on a PC, you need to click on Help in the top menu and then on About Safari.

How to know my version of Opera?


Click on the top left of the Opera logo to expand the menu and then on About Opera.

How to know my version of Microsoft Edge?

In Windows 10, select More Actions at the top right, then Settings and About This Application.

What is a version of my browser?

The version of a browser (or more generally a software) is a number to identify the software, its date of release and its various updates and changes over time.

Example: Firefox version 5.0.1 was released in July 2011; it follows version 5.0 release in June 2011 and fixes a number of bugs of version 5.0.

Are you interested in the subject and want to know more? Read the Wikipedia article on software versioning

Why identify the version of my browser?

It can be very useful to identify the version of your browser for help or assistance with browser support (or to help the technical service or customer service of a used service). The browser version will make it easier for the support to make a diagnosis to solve your problem.

I am for example a professional in the magazine Human Sciences regularly asked to which version of the Internet browser is used by a customer in case of the technical problem (example: a web page that is displayed badly, the problem of downloading an e-book or magazine in PDF format).

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