Instructions on how to buy game apps on CH Play for users

Instructions on how to buy game apps on CH Play for users

Meta: For Android users who are passionate about playing games, will be interested in ways to buy games on the Play Store. So, how do you buy game apps?

Key word: Buy game apps on CH Play

Shopping for apps or movies, music you love on CH Play store are many people choose. Besides a lot of free games and applications on CH Play, you can also encounter many games and applications that have to be paid to download. You want to buy them but you do not know how to buy game apps on Ch Play? Below will be the necessary information that you can refer to.

             Learn how to buy the apps you need for a fee

Register for a CH Play account

It’s important not just to buy apps, but also to have a lot of other experiences that you have to sign up for. You only need a single account to sign in to all Google services. Like Google +, google drive and many more on your device. If you don’t have a Google account, you can also access to sign up for a free account. You can rest assured that registering for a CH Play account is completely free and does not incur any costs.

You may not know, applications that you download from Google Play, whether free or paid, are saved to your Google account when needed, you can find and restore purchased apps without having to pay an extra fee. again. You can use any email address added to the Android system on Google Play.

 At the Google Play interface, you click on the 3 vertical square and then click on Accounts to select the account to use. If you want to add a new Google account to Google Play, check the Add account box and then declare the account information to use. When done, you can choose to use the account you just added on Google Play. So you have completed an important step that is to register for the CH Play account.

       There are plenty of good apps that you should learn to buy

How to buy apps on CH Play

To buy apps on the CH Play store, an important thing in the payment process is that you need to prepare a VISA or MasterCard. There are two types of cards that you need to pay attention to: Debit card and Credit card. In order to be able to pay for online stores, specifically Google Play, your card requires your bank to have an online payment function enabled. If you haven’t paid yet, you need to contact your bank for more details. Most of the credit cards have this function enabled, the Debit card depends on the bank so you need to consult carefully the information before registering.

 On the Google Play interface of an Android device, select the desired application, press the button containing the price information to make a payment. When you first buy, you have never declared information about payment cards, the Payment options dialog box will appear. Click Add credit or debit card to enter information about your existing Credit or Debit card.

 Pay attention to correctly enter the information including the number on the card, the card expiration date, 3 CCV security numbers printed on the back of the card. At the same time, you add personal information such as name, address, phone number and then click SAVE. Finally, click BUY and then enter the email password used on Google Play to confirm payment. If the card information is correct, Google Play will charge the card and download the app you just bought.

The next time you do not need to re-enter your payment information when buying the app. In addition, to check the card information that you have just declared, Google Play will deduct 1 USD from the card and will return it after a few minutes

With just such a simple operation, you can buy paid game applications quickly. Now you can watch your favorite movies and play more interesting games.

if you are looking to buy a game application to experience but do not know how, then refer to the sharing given in this article. Hopefully it will be useful information needed for you. I Hope you always have a fun and enjoyable experience.






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