Instructions to download and install CH Play for phones and computers

Instructions to download and install CH Play for phones and computers

Meta: Your device runs on Android but doesn’t have a CH Play? Please see instructions to download and install CH Play for phones and computers in this article.

CH Play is a huge application store providing all the needs of Android phone users. CH Play is a service that is always integrated and available on every Android device. The default user, even when using it for the first time, does not need to download Google Play Services for the device. However, there are also many cases where Google Play crashes or users accidentally delete this service, leading to inability to access and download any game or program from the application store. This article will help you learn how to download and install CH Play on both your phone and computer.

For phone

Not every Android phone will have CH Play or Google Play, this is the truth of some Android phones today. And that is why the download of CH Play for Android phones is more necessary than ever because this is the indispensable soul, something that anyone needs even as an Android user with simpler needs best. Here’s how to download and install CH Play for your phone.

How to download CH Play for your phone

Before downloading CH Play for Android phones you need to know that without CH Play does not mean you are not allowed to use. Basically, CH Play is also an APK file and Google just doesn’t install it, not prohibits it from use. So you can rest assured that after downloading CH Play for Android phones you can use it normally.

Step 1: Open your Android phone or tab, use any web browser and access the link to download the CH Play that you know. Or you can search for the keyword “Google CH Play APK” on any other page you trust.

Step 2: If using the link, you left-click on Download and then select the link in the next interface.

Step 3: The device will warn you that you are about to download a “strange” file, click OK to skip. Wait for the download to complete and then click Open in the message that appears to begin the installation. The message only appears briefly, so if you do not touch this item in time, you will not be able to perform the direct installation. However, one handy Android thing is, we can touch the top edge of the screen, drag it down to see the downloaded file. Or use the File Manager available on your computer to find the folder containing, use the CH Play APK file just downloaded.

How to install CH Play for your phone

Step 1: Click Install to start the installation, wait a moment, then choose Open.

Step 2: At this point, if you are not logged into your Google account on your device, there will be a message asking or asking you to sign in with this account. If already logged in already, there will be a notification about that account and ask if you want to use it? Select Accept to agree. After this, the user will automatically access Google Play. And if you check on the device, you will also see that the CH Play app icon has reappeared.

For computer

CH Play can also be used on computer. But it only applies to computers, laptops running Windows or MacOS with 2 or more CPUs and 4GB RAM. Here are the steps to install CH Play on your computer.

Step 1: You download the software Bluestacks

Step 2: Open the downloaded installation. Select Update Now.

Step 3: Wait for the patch to download. Select Customize Installation to set the installation location

Step 4: Select the installation location in drive D or E, because BlueStacks takes up large memory when we install the game, you should not leave the default C drive. Then click Install Now.

Step 5: Wait for the installation to complete.

Step 6: Open BlueStacks.

Step 7: At the first use will ask you to sign in with your Google account (Gmail).  Click Sign in.

Step 8: BlueStacks will appear in CH Play window, choose Sign In again.

Step 9: Enter your Google account and click Next.

Step 10: After successful login you can go to Google CH Play.

With 10 basic steps from downloading the game to successfully logging in, you can use your computer like your Smart Phone.

Hope this article will help you know how to download some VH Play settings on all your devices so that you can use the CH Play in the most convenient way.

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