The tips to use CH Play you should know

The tips to use CH Play you should know

Meta: CH Play is a huge application store that provides the necessary utilities for you. Do you know some good tips about CH Play yet?

CH Play Store is a huge application store that Google uses for all Android devices so that users can buy or download for free almost any application on demand. It is like a store where we can buy essential items, even free items. If you want to use and effectively exploit the benefits of CH Play, let me learn the tips below!

App installation is not available in your country

CH Play Store is a huge application store/Ph.Fonesmart

If you like an app on the CH Play Store, but it’s not available in your country or something cheaper in another, you can still own that app using a VPN. VPN means virtual private network.  It provides you with a secure internet connection over a private network in locations outside of your current area.


Basically, a VPN service looks like you are accessing the Internet from another location. Connect to the fake US VPN server as if you were in the US. Using a VPN on Android is easy, but you should stay away from free VPN services as paid VPNs are more secure and reliable.

Once you have downloaded VPN to your device, select the country where the CH Play Store you want to access using the VPN application, as soon as the VPN application is activated, activate the Play Store app.  Immediately the homepage of the CH Play Store app will display the correct country you have selected.  Now you can get the apps you want.

Manage apps in CH Play Store

The CH Play Store has an area called “My apps and games”. From here you can see which apps you’ve recently downloaded, downloaded, and which need to update. This is a great place to manage your app in the CH Play Store, and managing it is easy.

From the moment you finish setting up the restriction, each time you download and install a restricted application, you will have to enter a PIN before you can do so.

Refunds on the CH Play Store

You can get a refund on the Play Store with just one tap; as long as you do this within two hours of purchasing the app.

You can get a refund on the Play Store with just one tap/Ph.hoanghamobile

After you have purchased an app, on the Play Store page of that app you’ll see the option to Install or Open. There’s also an option called Refund that will appear right next to it if it’s a paid app. By clicking this button within two hours of purchasing the app, you can refund your purchase.

If you discover that someone who used your device made a purchase without permission, you can always change their privileges.

In CH  Play, click the menu icon to go to Settings > Require authentication for purchases > For all purchases through CH Play on this device (For all CH Play purchases on this device).

It’s a good idea to proceed with setting up separately on every Android device you own.

Check out the Indie Corner

Both large and small developers play an important role in making the Android ecosystem richer. However, the difficulty probably only happens to small developers because their apps may not be found on the Play Store, which also means that you most likely will not be able to obtain the  Apps you need, but it’s great that Google has fixed this. Instead of going to the Play Store as usual, you open a browser on your computer and find Indie Corner, the search results will have the Discover Indie Corner item from CH Play. Here you will see a list of applications that have been refreshed every month or so.

CH Play can have many good apps, you’ve been using it for a long time but don’t really know much about it. Let’s read the above sharing about tips on using CH Play well. Hope that the above sharing can help you.

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